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Barnardos Practitioner Guide

Barnardos purpose as a charity today is to transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children. This guide is an evidence based guide for practitioners working with children and young people who experience running away and child sexual exploitation. The aim of this guide…

Barnardo’s Pan London Service for Sexually Exploited, Missing and Trafficked Children Services Family Support

Barnardo’s Pan London Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Missing and Trafficking Service unites health, education, police, and voluntary sector and child protection services to seek out young people at risk of abuse and exploitation and give them access to support. This service…
07826 910 716 020 7700 2253

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre helps children stay safe online.  If someone has acted inappropriately towards you online, or to a child or young person you know, it could have been sexual chat, being asked to do something…

Child Sexual Exploitation - Risk Assessment Tool

The Risk Assessment tool helps professionals working in Wandsworth, establish the best course of intervention to take in helping secure the safety of a child. The guidance includes information on: Step 1:  Identify the Risk Indicators Step 2: Identify Additional Vulnerability Factors Step 3: Complete the Risk…

Child Sexual Exploitation - National Working Group

National Working Group are committed to the fight against child sexual exploitation and supporting victims and their families who are subjected to child sexual exploitation. But they cannot succeed without the support of people like you. This organisation supports families who are experiencing child exploitation. The team…
01332 585 371

Child Sexual Exploitation - Say Something Helpline

The Say Something campaign helps children and young people to think about listening to their instinct; if it doesn’t feel right – tell someone.  The Say Something campaign helps children and young people to: be aware that it is not OK for someone to expect them or their friends to do things they…
24/7, free, annonymous: call or text 116000

Child Sexual Exploitation Information for licensed premises - Leaflet

This leaflet is produced by the Wandsworth Safeguarding Children and Young People Board (WSCB). The leaflet provides useful information on where to go for help. The leaflet contains advice for people working at licensed premises in Wandsworth. The leaflet contains specific information on: …
Town HallWandsworth High StreetLondonSW18 2PU

Childline – homelessness and runaway

ChildLine is a free 24-hour counselling service for children and young people up to their 19th birthday in the UK provided by the NSPCC. Homelessness is having nowhere to live. Sometimes things can get so bad for people that they feel like running away…
You can call ChildLine at any time on 0800 1111 to speak to a counsellor. Calls are free and confidential.

Childrens Society – What to do if your child goes missing

The Childrens Society is a UK based organisation that assists street children, disabled children, young  refugees, and children in trouble with the law. What to do if your child goes missing offers practical advice for parents and carers. The…

Missing People

Missing People is a charity which offers support, advice and practical help if someone you love has gone missing. Missing People offers free confidential support help and advice by: phone; email;
284Upper Richmond Road WestLondonSW14 7JE
Call or Text 116 000
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