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    Education Welfare Service

    The Education Welfare Service aims to help young people to make the most of school.This service is for parents and carers.They help by providing information and guidance on how to get your child: to school on…
    Wandsworth Town HallWandsworth High StreetLondonSW18 2PU
    020 8871 8306

    Free School Meals

    Parents/carers eligible for free school meals could save themselves hundreds of pounds each year by applying.You need to contact your child's school direct. Children and young people can have free school meals, if their family is receiving:  income-based jobseeker's…

    Governor Services

    The Governor Services team supports school governors and governing bodies in a range of ways.This service is for school governors and governing bodies.They provide information including: termly written reports for all schools governors;
    020 8871 7654

    Home to School Travel Assistance (under 16s)

    A home to school (rail/underground) travelcard is available for pupils who are judged to have an unreasonable journey to travel to school using bus or tram services. For young people aged 16 and under. Young people can: access buses and trams…
    Town Hall Wandsworth High StreetWandsworthLONDONSW18 2PU
    020 8871 7316


    Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. This is the central government organisation that regulates and inspects childcare and children’s social care and inspects: schools colleges
    0300 123 4234

    Pedestrian Training

    The Council works with schools to provide a programme of road safety education, from pre-school age through to sixth form.  This also includes guidance and advice for teachers and parents. These programmes are designed for children and young people aged 3 - 16 years.…
    020 8871 6670

    School Travel

    The Wandsworth Council works with all primary and secondary schools in the borough to promote green home to school travel, especially walking and cycling. When pupils travel to and from school using green modes of travel, they: help reduce…
    020 8871 7983

    Wandsworth Council Pupil Services

    Pupil Services provides advice and guidance on admissions to primary or secondary schools in the borough.This service is for parents and carers with children aged 4-16 years.Parents and carers of children can get:
    Wandsworth High StreetWandsworthLONDONSW18 2PU
    020 8871 7316

    Wandsworth Virtual School

    Wandsworth Virtual School has responsibility for ensuring that all looked after children and care leavers aged 3-25 years are supported to achieve academic success and progress in their learning.  The team comprises of: Virtual School Headteacher – Nova Levine Educational Psychologist Administrator Advisory Teachers…
    Town Hall ExtensionWandsworth High StreetLondonSW18 2PU
    020 8871 7348
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