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Immunisation is a way of protecting your child against serious disease. If a child has been immunised their body is able to fight against the infection should they come into contact with it.

Children who are not immunised are at risk of catching potentially avoidable infections. If more people choose not to immunise their children, the number of children at risk of catching such infections will increase, resulting in outbreaks of diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella.

What jabs does my child need and what are they for?

Are your children’s jabs up to date? Reminder: pre-school boosters

Immunisation calculator - enter your child's date of birth to find out what immunisations they should be receiving

If you have any worries or concerns about childhood immunisations, you can talk to a member of the Wandsworth Immunisation team on 020 8812 6090

More information about the childhood immunisation programme can be found at on the NHS Choices website

For information on Immusation Clinics near you, click here.

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