Wandsworth's Vision and Values Wiki

This is a Wiki about how the Disabled Children's Register, WAND, and WAND+ cards and  the DCR, WAND and WAND+ Parent Champions contribute to Wandsworth's Vision and Values.

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Our Vision

Our aspiration is for every child and young person in Wandsworth to be safe from harm and abuse, be enabled to reach their full potential and develop skills for life, enjoy healthy lifestyles and be happy and active members of the community.

Our Values

Children, family &community focused. Curious Honest Collaborative Resilient Respectful of diversity and difference.

Putting families first and thinking of the child’s ‘family’ in the wider sense – family includes birth family, extended family, foster family etc

Working Together with partners, including schools health and police, to provide excellent services, placing children at the heart of our ambitions and aspirations.

Empowering children, young people and their families to make positive changes by working with them to develop family-led solutions.

Ensuring the right kind of support is available at the right time and in the right place – and is proportionate to risk.

Proactively helping families at an earlier stage, so that families’ needs are met before problems escalate.

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