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In Wandsworth, there are free weight management programmes offered to children aged 2-5 years, who are either at risk of gaining too much weight, or who are already overweight. The programmes run in local schools, children’s centres or community venues and cover nutrition, physical activity and parenting strategies. The programmes are run by organisations working in partnership with the NHS and Wandsworth Council- MyTime Active. 

Children aged 2-5 years

Over 2,500 families in Wandsworth have attended one of MyTime Active ‘Boost’ programmes free of charge at a children’s centre or primary schools. Boost sessions are free, fun and exciting for children and their families. The sessions involve active games and fun activities with a nutrition theme. Parents or carers will receive information on nutrition, physical activity and parenting strategies. There are lots of chances to ask questions and seek individual advice during the sessions, which are run by a Dietitian and physical activity specialist. Programmes run weekly for 12 weeks.

‘Mini Boost’ is for children aged 3-5 and ‘Toddler Boost’ is for children aged 2-4. 

Mums who have recently had a baby

MyTime Active also offer programmes for women who have recently given birth. ‘New Mum New You’ provides motivational and social sessions to help new mothers maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and with nutritional guidance. The sessions are held in community venues and run weekly for 12 weeks.

To access one of these  Mytime Active programmes:

Call: 020 8323 1725 

You can also ask to see a Dietitian from Community Services Wandsworth; ask your healthcare professional for a referral. Parents can also phone for advice on what the Dietitian service offers, for example where the clinics are based, how long they might have to wait for an appointment and how to get a referral, but not advice on diet as this has to be done with a health care professional.

Call 020 8812 5044.