What do Carers want? DCR and WAND Parent/Carer Survey 2017

The survey highlights a need for more support for parent carers, not least in making sure they have practical information about sources of support to help them in their role.  You can read the full survey report, attached below, and, or the "Highlights" version also to be included in the next DCR Newsletter,  attached below.

The survey, copy attached below, was sent out on paper and by email to the members of Wandsworth's Disabled Children's Register.  Copies were given out at a range of outreach events, and an online version was also available on the Local Offer website.

Key 2017 findings

The following findings were based on replies from 122 Wandsworth parents/carers, 95% identifying themselves as parents. The majority (67%) of the children and young people they care for are in the age bracket 5-17. 

  • 52% said they knew about the Local Offer, 42% said they did not.
  • 72% like to get information via email but other communication methods were also important, including paper communications, website, face to face and telephone calls.

Looking ahead, the following were the top four areas likely to be of most help to parent carers:

  • Leisure information (76%),
  • Help with problems at school (54%),
  • Help to cope with my caring role (49%) and
  • Things to aid my health and wellbeing (49%).

We then asked whether or not parent/carers feel they receive enough support to balance their added caring responsibilities with work/education and to have a life outside of their caring role.  Just over one in five, 21%, said YES to this question. More than half, 55%, said NO.

Asked what would make a difference in the future, there was a strong emphasis on improving employment prospects or help to enable people to return to work.

Finally, we asked an open question about what else Wandsworth Council or others could do to better support parents or other carers of children or young people with SENDs.

We have fed back our findings to the Wandsworth Carers Partnership Board and to our colleagues at Work Match, with the hope that more may be done to help parents wanting to find employment with flexible, family friendly hours. 

Who to contact

Lucia Daniels,  Disability Information  Telephone 020 8871 8330 E-mail lucia.daniels@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk Parent Organisation DCR, WAND and WAND+ Team